Kelsey Gusto | Hairstylist

Hair is not just a career for Kelsey. She lives it 24/7 and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Growing up in a small town in North East Ohio, to moving across the country at age 19 to LA, Kelsey soon made major moves in one of the most high-end cities for her hair career. 

Starting out assisting with numerous top hairstylists in LA, such as Jen Atkin, Chris McMillan, Chris Appleton, and many more who she had been inspired by and learned so much from. Kelsey then found her home as a Stylist at the Chris McMillan Salon. Giving you the best haircut you’ve ever had is what she aims for. Also one that looks just as good as the first day it was cut as months go by.

If you keep up with Kelsey, you will know you can catch her in many other places other than just in LA. She travels to NYC, Denver, San Francisco, and  Cleveland offering haircut appointments as well. 

If she’s not traveling through the country doing haircuts, she will most likely be working on set for editorials, as well as, red carpet events, film, commercials, fashion week and bridal hair.  

Kelsey’s passion for hair shows in her work, her attentiveness to her clients and her true over all love for the industry.